Organic Material, colorful and experimental (1/3)

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  • Code:  3124717
  • Endlosschleife:  Nein
  • Dauer:  8 s
  • Aspekt:  16:9
  • Alpha / Matte:  Nein
  • Modelvertrag: Nein
  • Fotografiererlaubnis: Nein
  • Lizenz:  Lizenzfrei
  • Quelle: Canon EOS 7D

Part 1/3.

Surreal, artistic and mystic clip of some organic stuff.

It took me days to get the right consistency of the organic material (which is something you´ll never find out;)

I shot those clips with a Canon EOS 7D with 70-200L and edited in After Effects with grainy color-effects, chromatic abberation and other cool effects.

Threre´s no 3d-animation effects inside, it´s just

filmed and enhanced with some plugins to get the right look.

The get a totally new look, just download all the three parts, rearrange the clips to a new order and use hue/saturation or whatever effect to change the colors etc.

Perfect for an intro for a horror-movie or whatever.


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