Animated Filmstrip, Old Film

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  • Code:  3124720
  • Endlosschleife:  Ja
  • Dauer:  10 s
  • Aspekt:  16:9
  • Alpha / Matte:  Ja
  • Modelvertrag: Nein
  • Fotografiererlaubnis: Nein
  • Lizenz:  Lizenzfrei
  • Ort: Deutschland
  • Quelle: After Effects
  • Rendering: After Effects

This clip shows a moving filmstrip with dust, dirt, noise with a burn in and out transition.

Simply overlay this clip with stencil luma or similar, shake your video underneath a little bit and you´ll get a nice old cinema-movie effect.

Lengthen it by make a cut inbetween the transitions and just copy & paste (loopable)


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