Minimal Design Furniture Set



  • Code:  1179053
  • Geometry:  Polygonal
  • Vertices:  2474935
  • Polygons:  2476229
  • License:  Royalty-Free
  • Source: Cinema 4D R14
  • Rendering: Cinema 4D R14

The project was made in Cinema 4D R14.You have the following formats in the .zip file.

プロジェクトはシネマ4D R14になりました。あなたは、zipファイルに次の形式を持っています。

Minimal Design Furniture Set.c4d

Minimal Design Furniture Set.3ds

Minimal Design Furniture Set.obj

all shelves can be positioned individually to set perfectly to your scene


Led TV screen is separated from the body and you can use your content on the screen


-7 objects / 7オブジェクト

-7171 polygons / 7171ポリゴン

The .obj model imports as separate elements with clean materials.