Low Poly Holiday Resort

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  • Code:  14947465
  • Geometry:  Polygonal
  • Vertices:  69641
  • Polygons:  71902

Holiday resort pack made of summer cottages, two different bars, an ice cream stand, a restaurant with chairs and tables, tennis courts with little details like rackets, tennis balls, water bottles and a high chair. You can also find some green decorated parts with trees, rocks and plants. Pools and sunbeds and a big hotel building with water slides enhance the summer look. Also notice that there are lights in the scene for night renders. Check out the preview images for day and night renders. 


To see the render settings and lighting setup you can check the Blender scene. And in Unity if you want to see the materials just drag and drop the fbx file. Keep in mind that tennis courts have a procedurally created material inside Blender which might not work in Unity and also pools have transparency which might not get transferred to Unity so you may have to put in transparency inside Unity. Feel free to separate objects and use them individually anywhere you like. The renders that I did were done with and HDRI which is not available in the files that I provide.


I hid the lights in the Blender scene so that it won't interfere with the day version of the render. If you want you can cancel the HDRI and AO, hide the sun and sun soft and unhide the lights collection to get the night version.


File Formats: blend, obj, fbx, dae,