Berlin Wall 3D Model Package



  • Code:  6210281
  • Geometry:  Polygonal
  • Vertices:  1467867
  • Polygons:  1496964
  • License:  Royalty-Free
  • Source: Cinema 4D
  • Rendering: Cinema 4D Physical and Vray

Berlin Wall 3D Model Package

Modelled and Textured in Cinema 4D Broadcast R15


High production value / high quality 3D models

Photorealistic high quality and high resolution 2048x2048 textures

Includes C4D and Vray materials/textures

Included Models :

- Guard Tower v1 / Guard Tower v2

- 3 types of Electric Fences

- “The Wall” with 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree corner elements

- “The Old Wall” 2 types of Barb Wires - barbwires can be turned on/off

- 2 Barb Wired Old Fences with Concrete Poles and Wooden Poles

- Cocncrete Car Obstacle

- Step Grenade

- Tank Barrier

- Iron Spikes Trap - Fakhir Bed

- Alarm System

- High Voltage Router Unit

- Lamp Post

- Guard Car Track

- 18 - 2048x2048 high resolution custom made textures including extra textures such as Graffiti Wall, and Soil Textures with Bump Maps

- same type of fences can be joined together seamlessly

- lights on the Guard Towers are separetd objects and can be turned off/on and be animated

-all objects and tags are named properly to make it easy to work with

- .c4d is the native file type and opens perfect / you may need to relink textures

- .dae is triangle geometry and textures need to be relinked and remapped / C4D materials need to be recreated

- .fbx textures need to be relinked, no need to remap / C4D materials need to be recreated

- .obj , .dxf and .3ds files OPEN AS MODEL ONLY without materials and/or textures - of course the Downloaded file types include the 18 high-res textures and you can use them but they are not present in the opened project file

POLY : 1496964

POINTS : 1467867