Electric Fence v 1



  • Code:  8962529
  • Geometry:  Polygonal
  • Vertices:  163840
  • Polygons:  172814

Electric Fence v1

Modelled and Textured in Cinema4D R15

Photorealistic high quality 2048x2048 textures

Includes C4D and Vray materials/textures

- fence elements seamlessly join together

- poles are separeted objects and can be turned off/on so that you can build a long fence

- includes 2 high-quality 2048x2048 custom made textures

.c4d is the native file type and opens perfect, you may need to relink textures

.dae is triangle geometry textures need to be relinked and remapped, C4D materials need to be recreated

.fbx textures need to be relinked, C4D materials need to be recreated

.obj and .3ds files OPEN AS MODEL ONLY without materials and/or textures - of course the Downloaded file types include the high-res textures and you can use them but they are not present in the opened project file

The Berlin Wall 3D Model Package is also available with all elements to build the Wall.

POLY : 172814

POINTS : 163840


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