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Business icons

play-rounded-fill play-rounded-outline play-sharp-fill play-sharp-outline
pause-sharp-outline pause-sharp-fill pause-rounded-outline pause-rounded-fill
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After Effects templates
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25.9 MB
Required Software
After Effects CS5.5 & above
Required Plugins
Expression Script
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Sound Effects
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Stock Footage
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200 Business Icons is a cool package which includes 200 animated icons. It is perfect for creating interactive animation in your presentation, infographic, typography, corporate project. But it will also fit a lot of other purposes. These icons can be exported to GIF, MOV, Image sequence with transparency and MP4 format.

  • 100% After Effects CS5.5 and Above Required.
  • 100% Vector = Resizable.
  • 100% AEP No Plugin.
  • Global and Local Color Setting.
  • Easy and Fast Customization
  • Easy to Change
  • Easy Color Control
  • Easy Controller
  • Video Tutorial.
  • Just Drag and Drop.
  • Duration Control
  • Ideal Smoothness 60 Frame Per Second
  • Universalizer Controller (Compatible with any language)

Music is not included, but you can buy it here

List icons

24 Hours, Airplane, Alarm clock, Arrow, ATM, Auction Gavel, Badge with Ribbons, Bank, Badge, Bar Chart, Bar code, Bear, Bell, Bitcoin, Bookmark, Box, Brain, Bulb, Bull, Cactus, Calculator, Calendar with Clock, Calendar, Certificate, Chancery, Chat, Check Mark, Chess Rook, City, Clipboard, Clock, Computer Mouse, Coffee Maker, Coins, Competing Interests, Contact book, Contract, Cooler, Credit Card, Cross Mark, Cup, Direction, Currency Exchange , Diamond, Dollar, Download, Employee Woman, Euro, Exclamation Point, File Exchange, Expired Credit Card, First Place, Flag, Floppy Disk, Flying mail, Folder, Folders, Funds Hunting, Gears, Glasses, Globe, Goal, Gold, Growth Income, Hand Direction, Handset, Handshake, Heart, Home, Horse, Hourglass, Instruction Book, Internet, Invoice, Ipo Bar Chart, Key, Keyboard, Labyrinth, Lamp, Laptop, Libra, Lifebuoy, Like, Loan money, Loudspeaker, Mail with Paper, Money Bag with Yen, Mountains, Monitor with chart, Monitor, Newspaper, Money Bag with Euro, Money Bag with Bitcoin, Money Bag with Bitcoin, Money Bag with Dollar, Money Bag with Pound, Mail, Man Talking, Map, Marker, Nib, Office chair, Office Phone, Open, Organization, Origami, Padlock, Paper Airplane, Paper Clip, Paper Shredder, Pen, Pencil, Percent Badge, Phone, Pie Chart, Pie, Piggy Bank, Pin, Portfolio, Pound, Presentation Billboard, Printer, Puzzle, Pyramid with Arrow, Report, Router, Safe, Sale Badge, Sale, Scanner, Scissors, Search Folder, Searching Employee, Share, Shopping bag, Shopping Basket, Shopping cart, Site, Smartphone, Solution, Speedometer, Star, Start Up, Steps, Stopwatch, Suitcase, Support, Tablet PC, Tag, Tea, Teamwork, Three-Way, Triangle Direction Arrow, Transmitter, Trash Bin, Triangle, Umbrella, Upload, USB, User, Video Projector, Vintage Phone, Wallet, Wireless Mouse, Worker Woman, Yen.


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Tutorial Video

play-rounded-fill play-rounded-outline play-sharp-fill play-sharp-outline
pause-sharp-outline pause-sharp-fill pause-rounded-outline pause-rounded-fill


1920 x 1080

US$ 9

Required: Compatible with After Effects CS5.5 & above More info

No plugins required

Tutorial Available More info

Universalized - Compatible with all languages More info