Virtual News Studio 4



  • Code:  11847401
  • Required Version:  CS3 and above
  • Required Plugins:  No 
  • Expression Script:  Yes
  • Resolution:  1920x1080
  • File Size:  1.8 GB

Forget Shooting In An Expensive Studio… Use Our Latest Template To Create Your Own Virtual News Studio In Under 5 Minutes!

Now you can create stunning video presentations that look like they’ve been recorded in a news studio… with the BlueFX “Virtual News Studio 4” After Effects package.

With it, you can give your videos the look and feel of a professional news channel, in under 5 minutes.

Here’s what’s included in this package:

2 Intro Animation
You can use these to introduce your video. One is designed for a text logo, and one for a round logo.

6 News Room Elements

These elements allow you to create your own Virtual News Studios,and each element can be extended for up to 1 hour.
There’s a full body shot, so you can have your presenter standing in front of a big screen.
There are shoulder sets so you see the top half of the presenter, either standing up or sitting down. We’ve also included a shoulder set for 2 people, a split screen for in-the-field interviews, and an element for showing the presenter and a quote at the same time.

Image Bloc Horizontal Update

3 Stylish Transition
These allow you to switch elegantly from one newsroom element to another.

3 Lower Thirds
These have been designed to match up with your virtual news studio, so you can give viewers more details about what they’re seeing.


Step-By-Step Video Tutorial
A video tutorial is included in this package, to show you how to easily edit your project within minutes.


Don’t Forget Your Exclusive Bonuses
When you buy this package today, we’ll include a beautifully designed Weather Forecast room… so your news channel can be truly complete!

We’ll also include green screen reporter footage, a selection of stock videos you can use… and training on how to quickly edit a green screen.




Tutorial Video