Virtual Studio 114



  • Code:  12172325
  • Required Version:  CS6 and above
  • Required Plugins:  S_DefocusPrism 
  • Expression Script:  Yes
  • Duration:  60:00
  • Resolution:  1920x1080
  • File Size:  227.5 MB

The virtual studios has real textures,specular and diffuse reflections; adjustable light-box colors; replaceable LCD screens and so on, all of which are essential features of a real studio.

5 parts of the program

  • Opening
  • Introduction
  • Broadcast_1(+News footage_1)...
  • Summary
  • End

4 types of shots:

  • Wide shot
  • Two-shot
  • American shot
  • Medium shot


  • 01.Rplace the footage of broadcaster.
  • 02.Replace the footage of large screen..
  • 03.Replace the News footage.
  • 04.Replace the text content of the scroll screen.
  • 05.Change the color of the light-box with “color controller”.
  • 06.Change Depth of Field
  • 07.Edit the lower 3rds.
  • 08.Edit the program.

Footage and music:

The News footage and music from the preview are not included,you can find them here: