Futuristic Element 3D Logo Reveal



Importan:Folder 3Delements containing 3 models which are being used for this project (don't delete it)keep it in folder with project or other vice you will need to replace them inside element3D plagin if you will move this folder anywhere alse out of main folder!!!

Also you will need proshaders pack 2(matirials)All staff like plagins (Element,optical flares,and packs u can get at videocopilot.net)
font not included

If you would like to render other color of project just choose between two compositions red and blue and place or replace it to the comp "Render it"then renddr your logo!!!

Email: denyska88@gmail.com for help or if you need my help to render it contact me !!!

follow the tutorial to optimise your logo!!!

Report created:
 11/3/2018 4:23:12 PM

Project name: Untitled Project.aep

Source files collected to:
 C:\Users\Denis Falcon\Desktop\Futuristic Element 3D Logo

Source files collected: All

Collected comps: 
 render it
Number of collected files:  6

Size of collected files:  115 MB

Rendering plug-ins:
Effects used:  5

Effect:  CC Particle World
Effect:  CC Radial Fast Blur
Effect:  Curves
Effect:  Element
Effect:  Optical Flares