Wedding Album



  • Code:  2265358
  • Required Version:  CS5 and above
  • Required Plugins:  No 
  • Expression Script:  No
  • Duration:  01:05
  • Resolution:  1920x1080
  • File Size:  588.5 MB



It is a wedding album that consists of one text message and 13 your photo files.

The length of the project is 1 minute and 5 seconds.

Full HD (1920*1080) 25fps

Easy to use for beginners.

The music not included.

In a preview of the project using 'Chopin Script'! This font can be found on the website -

The project is set font 'Arial', Font style: 'Regular'!!!

The photos in this project is not included.

No any plugins.


EDITABLE PROPERTIES: Your text and photos can be easily edited. Possible color correction.

CAN NOT EDIT: Movement of the camera, scene elements location (3D software prerender)