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  • Code:  4158583
  • Required Version:  CS5 and above
  • Required Plugins:  Trapcode Shine  
  • Expression Script:  Yes
  • File Size:  95.0 MB

This project contains 2 versions, Version 1 This version has pre-render Trapcode Shine effects on on the lens flare so the user doesnt need Trapcode plug-in. The color of the all the lights can be edited to change the look and feel of the project. To change the color of the lights, double click on the comp you want to change and select the adjustment layer inside the comp. You can change the hue/saturation of the lights by changing the values of the Hue/Saturation > Colorize Hue value, Colorize Saturation value and Colorize Lightness value in the Effect Controls Panel. The Floor color can be edited by clicking on the floor layer and changing the Ramp> Start Color and End Color in the Effect Controls Panel. - This version has customizable particle layers and uses Trapcode Shine. The particle settings can be edited by clicking on each particle comp E.G. Plugins: Trapcode Particular