Kaleidoscope Countdown



  • Code:  8959512
  • Required Version:  CS4 and above
  • Required Plugins:  No 
  • Expression Script:  No
  • Duration:  00:60
  • Resolution:  1920x1080
  • File Size:  270.2 MB

A complex template that is ideal for top ten video countdowns. A bit of an eastern influenced look and feel, it can feature your main title and reveals 10 full frame videos. You will have to cut the segments to suit your video lengths.

The template was done in CS4 and can be opened by any recent versions of AE. It uses the beacon font which is not included. The package sonsists of:

Intro - 1 minute

Bumper - 8 seconds

Baseline/Lower Thirds - 10 seconds

Credits - can be extended to 2 minutes

Wipe Transition - 3 seconds