Cinematic Glitch Bundle

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  • Code:  9212444
  • Required Version:  CS5 and above
  • Required Plugins:  No 
  • Expression Script:  No
  • Duration:  00:50
  • Resolution:  1920x1080
  • File Size:  66.8 MB


 Your Download Includes:   40 Unique Pre Keyed Glich style animation presets for Video   10 Unique Pre Keyed Glich style animation presets for Text Bonus - Includes AfterEffects project file as seen in the preview video - 9 Video Place holders - 13 Text Place holders Extended Video instruction includes   How install presets   How use preset on Text   How use on Text In/out   How use on video   How modify   How mix lots of Cinematic Glitches for get unique style Note* We used lots of glitches on this clip for demonstrate what dynamic style you can to get No Plugin Required/Not Pre-Rendered, No any bitmap and other stuff used, just 100% After Effecs Not used Script/Expressions, this FFX presets bundle works with any language of After Effecs CS5 and above Optimized for Full HD Resolution (1920*1080p), but can be used on 720p/540p Well Organized and Easy to use with helpful video instruction *Important Make sure that you have installed all updates for your version of AfterEffects, for don't get error about "Project Complex" ME   Enjoy!