360 Video Composer



  • Code:  9294011
  • Required Version:  CC 2015.1 and above
  • Required Plugins:  No 
  • Expression Script:  Yes
  • Composition:  Ray-traced 3D
  • Resolution:  3840x1920
  • File Size:  242.4 MB


Attention: Project doesn't compose video shown in preview, it is a tool which composes 360 degree videos. Click below provided links to see 360 degree previews of 360 Video Composer's built in presets on YouTube:

3D Space Preset - 34 Image/Video placeholders - 10 Text placeholders - duration 01:32

360 Slideshow Preset - 28 Image/Video placeholders - duration 01:00


360 Video Composer is an After Effects Project file, which is designed to easily compose 360 degree videos directly in After Effects. For the first time it is possible to make 360 video without 3rd party plugins in After Effects.

While watching a video, have you ever wanted to look around or look back what is going on in other sides, that type of interactive playback is exactly what 360 video is, it provides opportunity to look around to all sides while video is playing. 360 video is getting wider popularity, it is 100% supported by Facebook and YouTube.

360 Video Composer is not just a simple template, it makes your hard work viewable from all angles.

360 Video Composer combines 6 views (Front, Left, Right, Back, Top, Bottom) into 1 equirectangular projection in 4K resolution 3840:1920 (2:1).

If you are familiar with working in After Effects 3D environment, then you have almost nothing additional to do, everything is taken care of in 360 Video Composer. We have prepared detailed guide on usage, in order to illustrate how the project file can be used.

We have also included presets, so instead of creating animation from scratch you can use provided ready to use presets by simply putting your photos/videos/texts inside.

Project Features:

– Composing 360 videos from layers made in After Effects 3D space. (Requires skills for working in After Effects 3D environment)

– Create beautiful 360 compositions from your photos/videos without going into details, using provided built-in presets.

– Functionality to view created 360 video result in After Effects before rendering.

– Result can be used as spherical map in other AE 3D plugins/3D programs.

– Project uses universalized expressions.

– Step by step detailed guide on how to use the project file is included.

Special Notes:

– Adobe After Effects CC2014 or above is required to run 360 Video Composer project file.

– Considering that single equirectangular projection contains views from 6 angles in 1 place, it is recommended to render that projection in higher resolutions, thus we made the project in 4K (2:1).

– Please consider that for getting final result the same animation is rendered from 6 different angles, which are later warped/combined together into single projection in 4K resolution, this means that it requires a lot of computing and render times will depend on effects used in compositions.

– Special software is required to play 360 videos on different platforms

– 360 Video Metadata app by Google should be used in order to add 360 metadata to the file rendered by After Effects before uploading to YouTube or Facebook. (Available on PC/MAC, explained in project guide).

– Pictures/Texts/Soundtracks available in previews are for demonstrating purposes only and are not available in download.

– 360 Video Composer is not tested with AE 3D plugins.

– Maximum duration for 360 video is 5 minutes.


Credits for soundtracks used in previews:

“Exit the Premises” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

“Reunited” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

“Take a Chance” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License