Electricity Elements And Titles



  • Code:  13460687
  • Required Version:  5.4 and above
  • Duration:  00:03
  • Resolution:  4096x2304, 1920x1080
  • File Size:  44.3 MB

Electricity Elements And Titles is a great Apple Motion/Final Cut Pro template which consists of hand-drawn frame by frame animated 30 fps dynamic electric elements with editable glow effect and titles. Ready-to-use fullscreen title animations with easily customizable text and editable colors to match the style of your works. Sound FX included. Splendid way to enhance the look and feel of your games, music and dance clips, cartoons, devices and software presentations, sports, slideshows, cool logo reveals and much more. Drop these elements or titles into your project and create energetic text and logo animation. Find more elements and titles in our portfolio.