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Whether you need a Summer Tropical Sound or a Festival Anthem to light up  your project, you'll find the most passionate and uplifting sounds.

Use the Collections to filter songs themes. They are designed with the highest up-to-date quality sounds and mastering available.

My name is Yohann, 30, globetrotting producer songwriter, I am responsible for dance hit charters in Europe under the nickname "Ocean Avenue".
I write lyrics, melodies, record guitars and produce the music.

My previous releases reached millions of Spotify streams and went on Sirius XM radio, one track was also featured on Tiestö's album.

All the music is made in Europe, giving it that European signature sound.
The mastering is done with State-of-the-Art EDM techniques, making it actual.

If you are going to Broadcast my tracks :
If you did forget my IPI, I'm on BMI with IPI/CAE # 00721062390
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