About Me

I'm David Tonnaer and I am a Dutch composer, producer and pianist. 
Sawsonic is a music production and licensing company that started in 2017.

With Sawsonic, I compose and produce music for several media like TV, commercials, documentaries and short films.
Besides composing custom music, we have a small collection of stock music which we want to keep artistic and distinctive.
I hope you like what you hear. If you have any questions  or if you are interested in customized music then please contact me!


David Tonnaer 

  • 2:29
    120 BPM
    No Loop
  • 5:07
    120 BPM
    No Loop
  • 2:19
    163 BPM
    No Loop
  • 2:08
    131 BPM
    No Loop