Being an ME Artist just got better. In addition to our existing features we are adding some great improvements to uploading elements and managing your Artist account.

We’ve been receiving some great feedback in the past few months and we’d want to let our Artists know that we are listening and are hard at work in making changes and additions to the site to make Artist activities a lot easier.

Here are the 5 new improvements made for our Artists:

Faster Upload Times from the US & Europe


While the on-site uploader is great for a few uploads, FTP remains the preferred way for uploading large batches of files. We’ve long had this feature, and now if you are from the US or Europe, things will be significantly faster with the addition of a new US FTP server. With the introduction of this new server, expect upload speeds to improve 2-3 times faster. So go ahead and setup your favorite FTP client or make use of your native FTP solution to add in the new server.

Picworkflow: A Great Way to Distribute your Videos Online

Picworkflow 1

For our Artists who distribute their footage and animation across multiple marketplaces, Picworkflow provides for a service to seamlessly distribute them from a single upload for a small fee. This means that Artists will no longer needlessly upload their work to every other online stock media marketplace separately. A single upload to the Picworkflow service will allow them to distribute to all the supported marketplaces at the efficiently. This allows Artists to focus more on the things they do best, create great content.

Picworkflow 2

For ME Artists, MotionElements has entered a partnership with Picworkflow whereby distribution to our servers are free of charge. So you can distribute all of your content to MotionElements at no cost through Picworkflow, no matter how many or how big your files are. So we encourage Artists who upload to multiple sites to use Picworkflow and to add us in the distribution queue to extend your reach to MotionElements’ markets.

New Template Feature

Templates Page

Pushing that Publish button just got easier with the Template feature. Create standard templates for price and metadata so that newly conformed elements immediately have your most common and standardized info, translating to faster element management and publishing in record time.

Improved Metadata Import

Metadata Import Drag & Drop

We’ve also made improvements to the Metadata Import by adding support to popular spreadsheet formats – Excel (.xls), Excel 2007 (.xlsx), & Open Office Calc (.ods); making it easier to make bulk metadata changes to your existing Elements. We’ve also added a “Drag and Drop” interface to the page so importing metadata from an existing open windows is a lot more convenient.

Track Your Sales on the Go with Microstockr


We understand that our Artists live an active and busy lifestyle to create great content. We went ahead and talked to Paul Pirosca, developer of this wonderful mobile app called Microstockr. With it, you can track sales on major stock media sites including MotionElements while on the go. The App only needs to undergo a one-time setup to track sales from MotionElements.

Microstockr MotionElements

The app is available for iOS and Android users at $2.99 so you can go on your next shoot and check your sales at MotionElements without a hitch.

So there you have it, more reasons to become an ME Artist with a host of great new features and services.

We strongly believe that our marketplace has a very strong proposition for prospective buyers and we can only make it stronger by having great Artists with great content. We are continually making great improvements to the site and we owe it all to the great feedback we receive from our concerned Artists and Buyers. Please continue to let us know what you think, rest assured that we are listening and are hard at work to implement changes that make sense.