As MotionElements scales, we regularly review and update our agreements in order to better serve you, our Artists.

There have been a few changes in our Contributor Agreement, making it more comprehensive for you to fully, and safely, use the ME marketplace to showcase and sell your work. We’ve summarised the main changes below in bite-sizes, all the better for you to digest them.

However, we always recommend that you still go ahead and read the full revised agreement.

Flexibility to sell MotionElements Exclusive Content

With this new agreement, you can choose individual Elements to be ME Exclusive. Previously, a separate document would have to be agreed to in order to have any of your Elements be ME Exclusive.

Now, you will have the flexibility to choose which Elements you would like as exclusive or non-exclusive. Which means you can have both types of content in your account at once!

Royalties still remain as 50% to you for ME non-exclusive content, and 70% to you for ME exclusive content. So if you already have content across a few marketplaces, but would like to have your latest work uploaded and sold exclusively at MotionElements, all you have to do is choose ‘Exclusive to ME’ in the Element page and you’ll get 70% of the revenue for any sale of that item!

YouTube Content ID

We’ve had a lot of feedback from contributors, requesting that we include this point in the agreement. So here it is. This new paragraph is a promise to you that we will not use YouTube’s Content ID, or any similar service, to gain any undue revenue from your work.

We also won’t stop your buyers from rightly using your work, which they have purchased from us.

Performance Rights Organizations (PRO)

The safety of our buyers in the marketplace has always been another main priority for us.

For audio content Artists, this point is basically an assurance to your buyers that no additional claims will be made against them after they have purchased your PRO-registered track.

If you have any PRO-registered tracks selling on MotionElements, your respective PROs are responsible for issuing any due additional royalties when that track is purchased and used.

Buyers are responsible for the filing out any documents or or reports required to use that track for their commercial purposes.

MotionElements aims to provide a safe, fair, and reliable platform for all our users. If you have any additional thoughts you’d like us to know, please give us a shout out at [email protected].

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