Black Friday Sales

To celebrate the beginning of the Christmas Shopping season, MotionElements is doing a Black Friday Sale. Buyers who visit and shop in the MotionElements marketplace will get a discount or an increase in bonus credits.

Simply use the Coupon Code 12BFCM213 during checkout at the MotionElements store.


T’is the season to be jolly, as Holiday Elements are never in short supply in the MotionElements marketplace. Take your pick on your preferred media type for your video production needs.

Christmas and Snow footage are a good way to start your holiday video production search, and if you want something beyond the festive occasions there is always the constantly growing library of high quality footage. If quality is what you are looking for, then our 4K footage will not let you down. While you’re at it, why not stock up on those timelapse footage of various places around the world, they can be useful for transitions and fillers for your video production.

Gonin Christmas Footage

On the Animation front, what better way to add the holidays to your video production with some snow particles and backgrounds. Get into the holiday mood with some light particles and bokeh or even make use of animated gifts in your Christmas presentation. And to really get into the festive spirit, why not add a Christmas Tree, Santa Claus and other elements reminiscent of Christmas into the fray?

Of course, if you’re not up to creating everything from scratch, video templates are always a nice alternative. Choose an After Effects template for the Holidays appropriate for your needs, whether it’s a simple greeting or pleasant slideshow of your fondest Christmas memories, there is a video template for your needs.

The MotionElements library is not all about Christmas, and you can find high quality content for just about any need. Make sure to explore and browse through our Footage, Animation, After Effects templates and Apple
Motion templates channels.


Collections Stock Footage

Collections are quite possibly provides the best value for your spending in MotionElements. Depending on your needs you might find yourself saving 50-80% by buying a collection, in some cases even higher if you look hard

You can find Collections for Animations for Christmas SnowmanSpinning Objects, Glowing Floors, Motion Backgrounds, Lens Flares, Fractal Animations, Floor Lighting, Kaledoscope Particles and many more.

If you are looking for greater value in Footage you can find collections for Cherry Blossoms, Airports, Fireworks, Harvest, Animals, Smartphone, Face of Asia, and a whole lot more.

When browsing the MotionElements library, make sure to check of whether what you are looking for is in a Collection, it might just present a better value for you overall during your Holiday stock media buying.


Credit packages are an investment, they allow you to make quick future purchases with more value per dollar. During the Black Friday Sale and up till Cyber Monday, seize the chance to get even more bang for every dollar. Get up to 250 Bonus credits over the weekend.

Coupon Field Highlight Credits

The best part of it is that you won’t even have to commit to purchasing any of our Elements, you can always do that later and have peace of mind knowing that you got 25% discount whenever you make your purchase later using the credits.