MotionElements Web Upload

We’ve just announced a slew of new improvements for our Artists not too long ago but it would be too good for us to pass up this opportunity to share that we have one more great improvement that we just can’t help but roll out as soon as possible – faster web uploads.

We previously mentioned that by far the most popular way of sending files over for publishing is via FTP. With this new addition to the site, the lines (in terms of speed) between web upload and FTP may be blurred. The update to MotionElements’ basic Web Upload feature is more than just skin deep with an enormous speed upgrade.

In our testing, this is on par or even faster than FTP uploads. The results vary per location but we are confident that this can be a welcome and convenient option even for those who regularly do uploads via FTP.

Lastly, we’ve made things easier by allowing “Drag & Drop” so you can simply open a window and drag everything you need to upload to the browser with the MotionElements web upload page.

Web Upload Drag and Drop

We highly encourage our Artists to give the new Web Upload a try now and do give us some feedback on the new feature. These changes are only made possible and better by your continuous dedication to give us great feedback.

Go try it out now and let us know what you think.