Do you know ME has file conversion service? There are two ways of conversion service in Download Box, one is “Convert to WMV” and the other is “File Format Conversion”. The biggest difference between them is “File Format Conversion” allows more detailed setting.

1. Convert to WMV
Please check element(s), click “Convert to WMV” and then small window (below image) appears. From this window, file type and file size are selectable.

■File Type
Windows Media Video(.wmv)
Flash Video(.flv)

■File Size

2. File Format Conversion
Please check element(s), click “File Format Conversion” and then small window (below image) appears. From this window, detailed settings can be selected, such as “File Type”, “Resolution”, “Frame Rate” and “File Size”.

■File Type
・Same as Source
・Windows Media Video(.wmv)
・H264 / iPhone(.mp4)
・Flash Video(.flv)

・Same as Source
・HD 1920×1080
・HD 1280×720
・PAL 720×576
・NTSC 720×486
・XGA 1024×768
・SVGA 800×600

■Frame Rate
・Same as Source

■File Size

Please click convert when all settings are selected, download button will generate after a while.

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