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Organised by MotionElements Pte Ltd (ME)

“Asia Inspires ME” is a competition designed for international digital artists to develop their skills and exchange ideas with one another. This competition is opened to all around the globe to explore in the format of motion graphics or 3d models what inspire them from Asia. Outstanding artists will have an opportunity to showcase their entries at the ME booth at the inaugural SIGGRAPH Asia 2008.

MotionElements (ME) is a community of motion creators where artists market, collaborate and interact. The online marketplace for digital artists to buy and sell motion graphics, 3d models and stock footage; ME is supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore, Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, and funded by angel investors and founders.

Open to participants worldwide
Entry Period :1 September – 30 November 2008

Application Essentials
Entry Submission
Judging Criteria
Announcement of Results
Competition FAQ


Asia Inspires ME

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent. Containing more than 60% of the world’s current human population, its rich cultural diversity inspires great creativity. “Asia Inspires ME” wants you to transform your Asian inspiration into motion graphics and 3d models.

Design should only be in one or more of the following genres:

  • Landscape (eg. buildings, city skyline, countryside)
  • Nature (eg. four seasons, floral fauna)
  • Culture (eg. people, festivals, food, traditional art)
  • Artistic / Abstract

SAMPLE: Landscape (3d model submission)

Title: Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque
Artist: Toshio Kitamura

Toshio aspires to see all the magnificent buildings in the world. He visited Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei last year and was struck by the splendor of this royal Islamic mosque. The mosque’s golden dome dominated the skyline, its beauty haunting him throughout his stay.

SAMPLE: Nature (motion graphic submission)

lotus bud lotus in bloom

Title: Chinese Calligraphic Lotus
Artist: WB Xu

A poet in the making, WB shows her love for the lotus in this idyllic portrayal. Her father was a Chinese ink painter and the lotus was his favourite flower.

SAMPLE: Culture (motion graphic submission)

Title: Luo Pan
Artist: Ben Chen

An essential tool for the fengshui masters, the “luo pan” (fengshui compass) has been evolving for over two thousand years. Ben is fascinated with this instrument, and is now taking up part time fengshui classes.

SAMPLE: Artistic / Abstract (motion graphic submission)

Title: Bunga Manggar
Artist: Apollo San

San grew up in a HDB flat and has seen many Malay weddings held at his void deck. The bunga manggar (thin bamboo sticks with colourful and shiny strips of paper spewing from the top end) are planted at regular intervals to guide guests from bus stops to the wedding reception. This traditional symbol of Malay wedding celebrations inspired his work.

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Entry Period
From 1 September 2008 to 30 November 2008.

Entry Categories

  • Motion Graphics Design
    • Animated backgrounds
    • Decorative frames
    • Lower third
  • 3D models

Entry Eligibility

  • This is an international, open category competition.
  • Only individual entrants are eligible.
  • Multiple entries may be submitted.

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Submission Method
Please submit all entries at
Please fill in all categories in the entry form, read and acknowledge the terms and conditions, before the uploading of your works.
An email will be sent to you to acknowledge ME’s receipt of your works.

Submission File Format & Size

  • Rendered Animations
    With Alpha/Matte: Quicktime PNG
    Without Alpha/Matte: Quicktime PhotoJPEG (Slider at 90% Quality or more)
  • 3D Models
    Preferred Format: 3dsmax (.max)
    Secondary Formats: Maya (.ma), Lightwave (.lwo), Cinema4D (.c4d), .obj

Specifications for Rendered Animations

  • Maximum Dimension: 2048 x 1556
  • Minimum Dimension: 720 x 480
  • Minimum Framerate: 25 fps

Preferred Renderers:

  • Scanline
  • Mental Ray
  • Vray

Please send us the maximum resolution file that you have.
Please use RAR compression before you upload.

Submission Labels
Each file submitted is to be labeled with your name and the entry’s title in the following format:

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Winners will be determined based on originality, creativity, and real-world applicability of their submissions.


The winning entries will be announced on ME’s website on 6 December 2008, and will be showcased at the ME booth at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008. Winners will be notified via email.

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Motion Graphics & 3D Models:
(for each category)

  • Gold Award: Wacom Bamboo Fun Table (A5 size) & STASH 3D Collection
  • Silver Award: HardwareMAG subscription (6 months), HardwareMAG laptop bag & STASH 3D Collection
  • Bronze Award: HardwareMAG subscription (6 months) & STASH 3D Collection
  • The top 10 works from each category will be showcased at ME booth at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008.

Each prize is awarded to one work and one person.

MotionElements has the right to withhold prizes in the event that the judges deem the quality of the submitted entries to be unsatisfactory.

Any import taxes or duties on prizes must be paid by the prize winner. It is neither practically possible nor ethically reasonable for MotionElements or any of the sponsors to pay duties and taxes on behalf of a winner. MotionElements and sponsors will not make false valuation claims to assist winners from illegally evading any applicable duties and taxes.

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All enquiries can be directed to:
MotionElements Pte Ltd
o :: +65 6296 3742
81a Maude Road Singapore 208355

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Is it possible to enter as a group?
No. Only individual entrants are eligible for the competiton.

How many entries are allowed?
There is no limit on the number of entries.

Will entries be returned?
Please note that entry forms and submitted works will not be returned.

Besides submitting the entries online, are there other ways of submitting the entries?
No, all submissions must be made online via

Do I still own the entry?
Yes. The copyright to your entry is yours. The only uses MotionElements have right to are those outlined in the Terms and Conditions as stated on the entry form.

When and how will the results be announced?
The results will be announced on 6 December 2008 at MotionElements website Winning entrants will also be informed via email.

Will winning designs be showcased?
Winning designs will be showcased at the MotionElements (ME) booth at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008. They will also be put up for sale to potential clients at ME’s website, negotiable under a revenue sharing agreement with the artists.
More information about SIGGRAPH Asia can be found at 2008

Who organised Asia Inspires ME?
Asia Inspires ME is organised by MotionElements (ME), a community of motion creators where artists market, collaborate and interact. The online marketplace for digital artists to buy and sell motion graphics, 3d models and stock footage; ME is supported by the Media Development Authority of Singapore, Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts, and funded by angel investors and founders.
For more information, please visit ME website at
Alternatively you may direct your enquiries to

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