Congratulations to the following winners for the “Asia Inspires ME” competition!

3D Models

Gold Award: Inspirations Of Wood And Gold
Artist: Harold Cheng

What inspired me so much about the golden temple, Kinkaku-ji, was how incredibly luxurious and opulent the very concept of it was. More importantly, it made me realize the lengths to which we humans would go to manifest an ideology such as religion. Seeing Kinkaku-Ji was like taking a peek into the human psyche, and the powers which drive us all.

Silver Award: Arjuna
Artist: Jessica Novellia Ng

Arjuna – an artwork inspired by the Indonesian traditional culture, “Wayang”. “Wayang” is a Javanese shadow-puppet-play art form which tells stories about “Mahābhārata” or “Ramayana”. In this work, i chose one of the main wayang characters named Arjuna, the peerless archer. A research has been done about him to bring his characters into the 3D model. He’s said to be the most humble character, yet an incomparable warrior in the play.

Bronze Award: Paper Cracker
Artist: JunL

The fire cracker is used to celebrate Chinese New Year in Asian countries such as China, Taiwan and Malaysia. However, the ban of fire crackers in Singapore has led to just paper crackers being hung at Chinese homes as decorative symbols. This is also reflective of how Chinese New Year has lost is true meaning in a country where young people use the festive season to go for overseas holidays.

Motion Graphics Design

Gold Award: Water Element
Artist: Chen W S

Water is one of the five elements in Chinese Fengshui. This work seeks to show the fluid energy of the water element, yet at the same time explore the concept of “representation” where the word seems to create a clearer understanding than the actual object.

Silver Award: Fiery Balance
Artist: J. Chiang

The revolving movement shows how the two opposing forces Yin and Yang push each other forward in a continual turmoil. The movement is fierce, angry yet is ultimately resolved in a circular balance.

Bronze Award: Lost in Construction
Artist: Adeline Low

A window view that is now lost as the grassland has been replaced by construction works.
Construction sites are common in developing Asia, but is this development truly an improvement of life?

The above winners are entitled to the following prizes:

  • Gold Award: Wacom Bamboo Fun Table (A5 size) & STASH 3D Collection
  • Silver Award: HardwareMAG subscription (6 months), HardwareMAG laptop bag & STASH 3D Collection
  • Bronze Award: HardwareMAG subscription (6 months) & STASH 3D Collection

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