MotionElements artist ‘effect’ is based in Hong Kong. Jacffy Che started working in 3D animation production in 2002 after graduating from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Art & Design with Honours. In 2009, he founded RealCG Animation Studio, which focuses on 3D animation and motion graphic stock.

Now, with over 10 years experience in TV commercial advertising and film production, Jacffy leads a team which constantly provides sleek stock animations, with various subjects, which adds that professional touch to many of their buyer’s and clients productions.

Jacffy let us have a bit of insight to what goes on behind the creative designs of the team.


MotionElements: Hi Jacffy, how about we start at the beginning? How did you start selling stock?

Jacffy Che: In 2009, my best friend Enders Tse introduced a image stock website to me. He’s an art director has rich experience of selling stock photos.  I started to understand what more about the royalty-free concept.

As a trial, I started to produce some of 3D still graphic first for sale. I expected the trend of using stock animation would rise as it enhanced the efficiency for video production in the future. So I started to produce more stock animation for sale too.

I still remember when I started to sell stock video at MotionElements in 2011. MotionElements is one of my major video marketplaces. At that time, many stock marketplaces lacked the insight to have an animation category. I think MotionElements was one of the leading agencies which has the professional sense of media selling, with user-friendly uploading systems. That’s why it’s one of my favourite marketplaces.

ME: Thank you! That is high praise indeed from an experienced artist like you! So more about you and RealCG. What do you do in RealCG and how many of you guys are there?

JC: I’m the Animation Director in the team. There are about 3-5 of us running projects for the company at any one time.

Normally, our process of animation production will start from Marketing and Research, which gives us the insight to which video idea we should be developing. This is then followed by the Animation Director creating the mood and style of the video, before it is passed on the the 3D animator and graphic designer to complete.

ME: So what are you working on now?

JC: We have a few 3D Animations and Motion Graphic footage underway right now. Look out for them soon!

ME: What tickles your creative bone? Who/What is your biggest muse?

JC: We try not to focus on getting ideas from what is already out there and popular. We are constantly pushing boundaries by asking ourselves ‘What has not been done?’ and more importantly, ‘What kind of footage would a video producer need?’. This way, we often create things which are not yet on the market and yet useful for the client. The aim is not to create for only the people who have already been buying stock, but for users who have not started using stock – the ‘hidden users’.

We get our ideas from observation of magazine advertisements and we also draw from our TV boradcasting experience. Once we find an interesting concept, we keep in mind ‘the simpler the better’, to make it easy for buyers to use in their productions.

ME: What is, to you, the most enjoyable or interesting thing about what you guys do?

JC: We are always on our toes trying to come up with innovative yet professional ideas for our animations. Not only for stock, but for our video production clients as well.

For our animation production, we usually cooperate with different advertising companies in Hong Kong. After selling video stock in the internet, it made me re-recognize the use of animation in entertainment. These few years, we’ve had a variety of people contacting us. Some buyers have actually found us through our clips on the internet which credit us. They come from different international entertainment firms. One came all the way from a London theatre organization, another client from an aircraft safety documentary film production company, and another a musician artist from college in South Carolina USA. We couldn’t believe that a non-profit organization had also used our work.

It holds a great significance to me that our animation is not only used in the commercial industry, but reaches different places and cultures. Nowadays, selling stock has become one of the ways for me to explore and understand different cultures. From there, more inspiration come from all the different color tones, festivals and items, et cetera.

ME: Do you have a favourite clip on ME and why?

J: This one: ‘The Falling of Casino Chips Animation’

This animation represents my feeling of developing stock footage. Every clip is like a golden chip we bet in the video stock market. We keep trying and testing and only time will tell us which idea is right or which went wrong. These animation clips are now an important asset of RealCG.

ME: Right now, if you were given a chance to work on 1 dream project, which software would you use to produce it?

J: Maya and After Effects

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