Today we have Japanese Artist, Kumakenshiro.He is based in Nagoya city and producing CG videos as CLUB VJ before he established his own office. Now he mainly creates motion graphics using AfterEffects. Here we go.

ME: Will you give us your brief background?

kumakenshiro: After graduating from Aichi Institute of Technology in the field of mechanical engineering. My first full-time job was at a medical office, prior to this, i was working several part-time jobs.  As i was always interested in creating websites, I started to learn and create websites in HTML, at around the same time, i started designing event flyers for the internet using Photoshop, Illustrator and other free software.

The desire to create videos started when i chanced upon some original videos at event exhibitions. With only the handy cam and an analog TV, i started to create visual creations.  Slowly, as i advanced, i started to participate in many art events happening in Nagoya, these provided me with opportunities to work with international artists. I am also a member of the CINEMA intersect memory, an ambient band in Osaka where i worked on creating promotional videos and creating visual imageries. While i am in the midst of doing these little projects, i was still working full-time in a medical office. After 5 years, i decided to quit my full-time job in the medical office and established Kuma Production Company. Nowadays I direct CG videos using After Effects and other video editing software, i create VJ, video for event openings, wedding videos, promotion videos, Web commercials, TV commercials, videos on merchandises, architectural visualization videos…etc. My clientele is not exclusive to individuals. My recent works include Video for foreign brand cars, managing MINI Chikusa Showroom opening reception video, collaborating with a fashion brand called Moderate Garments…etc.

ME: How did you encounter MotionElements?

kumakenshiro: A friend told me about MotionElements. I had a lot of CG contents so I decided to upload them on MotionElements.


ME:The screen aspect ratio on your company site is quite large. It didn’t fit in 1440×900 and is still too large on 1680×1050. Is it because you are targeting people who work on large screens?

kumakenshiro: I’m updating my website at the moment and that’s why I’m keeping the 1920*1080 image. I’m targeting people who work on PCs but later on I want to make it possible for people to see it from any devices. For that I am re-designing my website to a responsive website.

ME:What is the most enjoyable part of what you do?

kumakenshiro: As I create more videos, I feel that I’m getting better at what I do. At the same time I try to analyze my work and see what kind of skills I’m lacking. I always want to ameliorate my work and seeing that amelioration is also a part of what is enjoyable in what I do.
ME: Is there something you pay particular attention to when creating content?

kumakenshiro: As i do not know how people will see or feel when they see my work, I try to keep things as simple as possible. While keeping it simple, I make it so that my creations have an image of entirety -I like making videos that make people feel good. These are the things that i bear in mind while creating content. I don’t work on statistics and I don’t really pay attention to what sells well; I create things that I like and things that goes along with what piques my interest. That is why in my creations there are colorful contents, psychedelic contents and imageries that can be used for weddings videos, this is my interpretation of my work.
ME: How do you set the price on your contents?

kumakenshiro: I try to put myself in the customers’ shoes and set the price that would make me want to buy the content. However, depending on the method of production the price may vary for each piece of content.
ME: Did you experience some kind of benefit upon using MotionElements ?

kumakenshiro: Yes, a client browsed through my MotionElements’s Artist page and offered me a project. Additionally, there are some people that i have not met who told me that they have brought my content from MotionElements. These made me feel happy about what I do as it means that I’m contributing to this world and I able to help someone with my works.

ME: What do you think about MotionElements? Give us your unbiased opinion.

kumakenshiro: I upload many content at a time so I like how easy it is to do that on MotionElements. I like how the  information of the content is shown all at once. However, i hope that MotionElements is able to expand on their category listing, it is rather upsetting that some of my works do not fit into the existing list.
ME: If you don’t mind, tell us about your future endeavors (dreams).

kumakenshiro: Taking an objective view, I would like to know how far I can go in this field and what I can do with which kind of people in the future. I want set new goals and build experience. Using that experience, I want to create videos that can be helpful to people. The grass is always greener on the other side, so I want to believe in myself and make daily progress while staying up to date on the new things. I would like to thank MotionElements for providing me with such an opportunity.

You can view his works at his MotionElements Artists’ page
His personal website ; kuma制作事務所 (kuma Production Company) 

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