Apple Motion 5 Cookbook

On the recent release of our new Apple Motion templates channel, we mentioned before that Motion 5 is the most accessible motion graphics software on the market with its $49.99 price tag and friendly interface. However there is just one issue – in just about over two years since its release there is a seeming lack of book references to guide people into using Apple Motion 5 besides Apple’s own support pages and the growing user community that we could point to.

Packt Publishing, a UK-based publishing company, has recently released their take on helping users through the process of learning this motion graphics software through their Apple Motion 5 Cookbook by Nick Harauz.

Also available in hard copy, we read through our digital format copy (available in ePuB, Mobi, PDF) and found that the £27.99 price tag for the physical copy (inclusive of digital copy) is well worth it.

Packt Publishing 1

The format is pretty straightforward, with its author a seasoned video creative and a certified trainer for Apple Motion 5, the numbered format really shines through when you want to learn motion graphics quick and easy.

The book starts with easing the reader into Motion 5‘s interface and features. Once familiar, readers are introduced to specific techniques and practices arranged in order to take advantage of what has been learned so far. Besides the introductory chapter, readers learn to make use of behaviors & keyframes, create text-based projects, incorporate particles and then some more. These lessons are presented in a consistent “Getting Ready” then “How to Do It” sections supplemented by downloadable project files on Packt Publishing so you can put the lessons learned into practice as you read them. This means to the seasoned artist who is learning how things are done in Motion 5, they can simply jump into a chapter or technique and work from there, just like a cookbook.

Another thing we liked are the chapters for integration with Final Cut Pro X and Compressor. One of the strongest points with Apple’s proposition with Non-Linear Editing (NLEs) is how well their software work together. The book illustrates this quite well and makes sure that users make the most out of it.

Apple Motion 5 Cookbook Sample Page

We found the overall approach practical and effective with the only caveat being that in some cases it was too direct to the point. Some areas could have used some more expounding to drive the point of a particular technique home and relies heavily on one’s work on the provided project file.

The book is very generous to the motion graphics newcomer with a heft of information presented in a straightforward manner. Is it the be-all and end-all resource for Apple Motion 5? By all means no. Any serious motion graphics artist will always seek out the wealth of information available either from experts or the web. What the book does though is to lay down a very good foundation for Apple Motion 5 and giving readers the technical know-how to make the most value out of the already accessible motion graphics software right away.

We highly recommend Apple Motion 5 Cookbook to anyone interested in learning motion graphics or simply want to switch to Motion 5 as their new motion graphics solution. It sets up aspiring motion graphics artists pretty well and lays the groundwork for using Apple Motion templates.