The Canon EOS 5D MarkII is a perfect camera for shooting HD stock footage while travelling.

However, you will need to make you get your settings right.

  1. Make sure you upgraded to at least Firmware v. 1.1.0
  2. Click “Menu” > “Live View/Movie func. set.” > “LV func. setting” > SET to “Stills + Movie” > SET to “Movie Display”
  3. Mode Dial on top of the camera to “M”.
  4. Now when you record video, you can adjust shutter and aperture independently.

For more information, you can check out Canon’s website:


If you only have Adobe CS3, the raw converter (version 4.6) for in Bridge and Photoshop CS3 still does not support 5D MarkII’s raw files. You will have to download FREE Adobe DNG Converter 5.5 and use it to convert all your raw files in DNG format first.

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