Step 1
Login at
Click on “Tag Elements” on the left column, and you will be shown the works for tagging.
Check the works you will like to tag, and click on “Edit Elements”.

Step 2
The sections that need to be filled in for each work are as below:
1. Title
2. Media Type
3. Keywords

Sections for tagging

1) Title
– Please provide a short title that describes the key element of the work (maximum 66 characters).
– Do NOT create the same title for different works.

2) Media Type
– Select (1) Footage or (2) Animation

3) Keywords
– Please provide a minimum of 20 keywords per work.
– To decide on the keywords to be used, look at the work and consider the following:
1. Actions/ Activities (eg. Walking, jogging)
2. Physical Characteristics (eg. Male, female, tall, short)
3. Colors (eg. Red, blue)
4. Composition (eg. Wide Shot, Full Shot, Long Shot, Mid Shot, Medium Close Up, Close Up)
5. Concepts ( eg. leadership, teambuilding)
6. Effects (eg. Explosion, lightning)
7. Events (eg. School Holidays, Christmas, Business meeting)
8. Location (eg. Beijing, Tokyo)
9. Material
10. Mood / Emotions (eg. Happy, cheerful, sad, depressing)
11. Quantity
12. Light/ Time/ Season/ Weather (eg. Day, night/ 1900s/winter/ rainy)

Step 3
After filling in all the information as above, Click on ”Done”.


Step 4
Repeat the above for the rest of the works on the same page, then click on “Save” to save the information you have input.

Save your completed works

Congratulations! You have completed the tagging of your first page of works.

The works will be sent for moderation, and upon approval, will be removed from your list of works to be tagged.

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