Epic Orchestral Tension


  • Code:  C-2888
  • Content: 2 Elements


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Both tense and aggressive, this orchestral track creates dramatic, exciting and epic textures through the use of classic orchestral elements and ominous and forthcoming sounding melodies. "Epic Orchestral Tension" starts off with an emotional and mysterious melody on the strings played over a very determined, driving and climatic rhythmic pattern on the horns, brass, low strings and percussion. This powerful, motivational and cinematic soundscape transitions then into a loud and uplifting second section, where epic accents and hits on cymbals, percussion, brass and horns take the main role. Music then recapitulates back to its previous dynamic level taking us to a dark and suspenseful full orchestra ending and creating a very strong and unique sounding film trailer music track. Suitable for all kinds of corporate videos, business presentations, film and tv footage, epic, suspense, thriller, horror, cinematic, dramatic and high-energy visuals, grand action adventure, war, extreme sports, history and videogame related contents, commercials, infomercials, podcasts, tv and web adverts.