Inspiring Fusion


  • Code:  C-8712500
  • Content: 4 Elements

Inspiring Fusion is motivational inspiring cinematic track written in commercial timing standard. It is fusion of orchestra and electronic sounds with creative inspirational mood. Best for inspiring videos, TV and radio production, advertising, presentations and more.

Main theme is playing by cellos, violins and hybrid synth sounds. The rhythmical structure is supported by orchestra strikes and percussions, as well as tambourine. The track is accompanied by piano, bells and filtered synths.

There are 4 versions:

1. Inspiring Fusion (1 min version) - 1 minute version

2. Inspiring Fusion (full version) - full track, 2:20

3. Inspiring Fusion (2 min version) - 2 minutes version

4. Inspiring Fusion (30 sec version) - 30 seconds version