Passion Explosion (cinematic epic dramatic strings energetic triumphant heroic)


  • Code:  C-8722303
  • Content: 6 Elements

Determined & majestic, featuring dramatic flowing strings, big cinematic brass & energetic epic percussion, that create a triumphant, motivational mood. An uplifting filmscore evoking brave achievement, action adventure, heroic battle. Great for historical movie, celebratory trailer, fast growing corporate, inspirational video game & for any project needs a grand orchestral background with dynamic, symphonic sound. MOOD: cinematic epic energetic big dramatic triumphant adventure dynamic grand battle awe building action touching achievement strings brass percussion flowing motivational inspirational proud brave celebratory determined enthusiastic festive heroic corporate majestic uplifting orchestral movie competition fast growing strong background tension intense lively business bright success confident vibrant powerful classy trailer historical symphonic