Dreamy Whispers (calm acoustic gentle inspirational uplifting tranquil piano)


  • Code:  C-8723271
  • Content: 6 Elements

Calm & dreamy, featuring smooth acoustic piano, tranquil ambient pad, relaxing ukulele & hopeful mandolin, that create a touching, ethereal mood. A magical filmscore evoking heartwarming happiness, romantic mystery & inspirational sentimental moments. Great background for massage, spa, meditation, fantasy documentary & for any project needs an atmospheric soundtrack with peaceful, gentle sound. MOOD: calm relaxing tranquil piano dreamy optimistic smooth soft soothing touching airy hypnotic quiet romantic sensitive slow serene tender emotional feel-good hopeful sentimental inspirational magical gentle peaceful ambient atmospheric positive meditation meditative mellow proud achievement simple upbeat uplifting happiness happy heartwarming reflective chill-out fantasy documentary massage spa sensual background