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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Credits?

Credits are our in-store prepaid currency. It’s a quick and easy way to pay for Animations, Videos, Templates, Music Tracks and 3D Models on MotionElements.

Why should I buy Credits?

Save Time
You can immediately download the Element if you want if you deposit Credits to your account in advance.

Great Value
With pre-paid credits - you get to enjoy a good discount and a better price on your Element.

How to use Credits?

You can buy Animations, Videos, Templates, Music Tracks and 3D Models with deposited credits. See How to download Elements via Credits for more details.

Are Elements bought with Credits all Royalty-Free?

Yes, at MotionElements, all Elements are Royalty-Free in nature, which means once you have licensed the Elements, you are able to use them in multiple projects and in perpetuity with no additional fees.

Purchase & Billing
How to deposit Credits?

Deposit Credit is easy. Simply select the amount of credits you need on Credit page, then choose to use your Credit Card or Paypal for payment, and done!

Can I get a receipt with my company’s name and particulars?

Yes, you will be able to issue a receipt with your company’s name and particulars. Please check our How to issue a receipt under my company’s name and particulars? for more details.

Do you store my credit card details?

No. We take security seriously. We do not store any of your credit card details. Your credit card is handled by our PCI compliant payment processor, Stripe.

Using Credits
How long can I use my Credits?

Credits purchased are valid for one year. However, your Credits will never expire as long as you deposit at least once every 12 months.

What will happen to my unused Credits?

All unused Credits in your account will automatically extend for one-year with every fresh Credits top-up made within one-year of purchase.

Can I use my existing Credits to pay for the subscription plan I want?

No. Purchase for subscription plans can only be made by credit card payment via Stripe.

Can I purchase subscription plans if I have already purchased Credits?

Yes of course! You can concurrently subscribe to subscription plans that you require on top of any credit packages already purchased.