Low Poly Victorian Bathroom Fixtures

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  • Código:  12084132
  • Geometría:  Polygonal
  • Vértices:  8408
  • Polígonos:  7955

This is a 5 piece collection of vintage Victorian bathroom fixtures made in Blender for the cycles renderer. There's a bathtub, toilet and sink. However, the toilet and sink come in two slightly different versions; The toilet comes with a high tank and low tank and the sink comes with two types of faucets. Additionally, there's multiple skin options, so there's walnut and pinewood toilet seats, steel and brass and clean and dirty, you can customize depending on the mood of your scene. All materials are PBR and come with diffuse, metal, roughness and normal maps. And the objects can be sub-divided if you need more polygons. or used as they are, in case you have a low polygon budget.

This vintage Victorian bathroom fixture collection is ideal for period pieces, haunted houses and horror projects or even old or abandoned house scenes that require antique elements.

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