FQ 170 Sentinel Drone



  • Código:  2333270
  • Geometría:  Polygonal
  • Vértices:  356214
  • Polígonos:  339690
  • Licencia:  Libre de derechos
  • Origen: Cinema 4D R15
  • Visualizar: Cinema 4D R15 Physical renderer

RQ170 Sentinel Drone

Modelled and Textured in Cinema 4D R15

Preview images rendered by Physical renderer

Based on the RQ170 Spy Drone

- no textures used but procedural materials made by C4D material editor

- due to high details and procedural materials they are good for closeup renders

- all objects, textures, axis points and tags named and set properly and easy to work with

- front and back - wheel system can be turned off/on as well as wheels can be animated

- appr. 1:2.5 size compared to World Scale ratio

- C4D Bodypaint unwrapped UVs | please note, if you want to use your custom texture files or paint on it you might need to unwrap UVs according to your need for perfect result

Native Geometry : NURBS

Download Version : POLYGONAL

Objects: 7

Points: 356214

Polygons: 339690

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