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Upload your library of high quality content for the world to see and earn a recurring revenue stream by becoming an Artist.

[artist]Global Coverage, East & West in One Go


Soporte multilingüe

[artist]With a multi-lingual site that supports English and Major Asian languages, your work can reach across the globe to an international audience.

Secure Encrypted Payment Checkout

[artist]Automagical Keywords Translation

[artist]Just like magic! Your English keywords get automatically matched and translated to the Asian language and vice versa.

More Convenience and More Value

[artist]Innovative New Tools

[artist]We provide great tools for video creators. We make searching easier with features like AudioSearch and VisualSearch.

[artist]Fair & Safe

Ponga precio a sus propios clips

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Primeros pasos

1. Registration

2. Aprobación de la cuenta del artista

Upload your first batch of content. Nuestros curadores revisarán su contenido en 10 días laborales.

3. Cargar


[artist]Drag and Drop your files into our website.


[artist]Transfer your files via FTP.

4. Administrar y publicar

[artist]Use our templates to set your pricing, and Metadata import tool to upload your metadata and get them automagically translated.

5. Branding

[artist]Customize your Artist Page with your own banners. Add profile information, website/SNS URLs, and more!

6. Sales & Payouts

[artist]You make a sale; we pay you via Payoneer, PayPal or Skrill. [artist]Track your sales online or via mobile app.