Digital Noise Montage


  • Código:  3273356
  • Repetible:  No
  • Duración:  00:30
  • Aspecto:  16:9
  • Alfa/mate:  No
  • Versión de modelo: No
  • Versión de propiedad: No
  • Licencia:  Libre de derechos
  • Ubicación: United States
  • Origen: After Effects
  • Visualizar: Progressive

6 varieties of glitchy digital noise/static, each with it’s own glitch sound effect. These clips are a few seconds each, but with some clever editing, can be made to last much longer while staying unique throughout. My recommendation is to duplicate the section you want to make longer, then do combinations of rotating, horizontal/vertical flipping, and reverse-playing the duplicates. Composite sections over other sections with different blending modes for even more variety.

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