4k popcorn cgi 2 layers alpha


  • Código:  9337473
  • Loopable:  No
  • Duración:  00:16
  • Aspecto:  16:9
  • Alfa/mate: 
  • Versión de modelo: No
  • Versión de propiedad: No
  • Licencia:  Libre de derechos
  • Ubicación: Argentina
  • Origen: 3d render
  • Visualizar: Progressive

An explosion of popcorn (cgi) departing from the corner of the screen and bouncing toward the viewer.

Made in 3dstudio with alpha channel.

In half the time the video is repeated but showing only the nearest objects. That way things can be put between the layers of popcorn if the two parts of the video are stacked (eg After Effects)

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