Clean Corporate Slideshow

  • この素材は定額制プランでも取り扱っています。



  • コード:  11539863
  • 必要なバージョン:  CS6以上
  • 必要なプラグイン:  いいえ 
  • エクスプレッション:  はい
  • 長さ:  01:26
  • 解像度:  1920x1080
  • ファイルサイズ:  105.5 MB

Clean Corporate Slideshow is an elegant template with an eye-catching design and smooth animations. This template contains 12 photo/video placeholders and 25 editable text layers. You may also change colors and other parametres. It's really simple to use. It can be a neat intro or opener to your business presentations, slideshows, corporate events, conferences, business meetings, commercials, promotions, new products and company broadcasts. Save time and energy creating your next spectacular slideshow with this amazing AE template. No plugins required.