Universal Clean & Minimal 4 Titles



  • コード:  12905005
  • 必要なバージョン:  CC 2017.1以上
  • 長さ:  00:08
  • 解像度:  1920x1080
  • ファイルサイズ:  9.9 MB

The Modern Lower Thirds template features 4 uniquely designed and animated lower third animations. This project is very easy to use, each title comes complete with its own controller for making color changes and other adjustments. Even if you've never used Premiere Pro, you'll be able to create beautiful animated lower thirds with this project. Premiere Pro without any plugins. All colors are editable editing panel. Easy to use even if you are a Beginner. Fast Render. All you need Drag & Drop Template on Timeline. All settings are simple and intuitive.