New Year 2020 Animation. Hand-Drawn Decorative Numbers

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  • 코드:  13972176
  • 반복 재생 여부:  없음
  • 길이 순:  00:25
  • 화면 비율:  16:9
  • 알파 / 매트:  없음
  • 초상권 동의: 없음
  • 재산권 동의: 없음
  • 라이센스:  로열티프리(RF)
  • 위치: 러시아

This stock motion graphics clip features a beautiful Christmas card with highlighting swirls for the year-end of 2020. Use this for films and television sequence displays, events, projection mapping, motion graphic projects. Or use in your email greeting, social media posts, commercials, presentations, etc. This clip is available in HD resolution.