30% Credit Back

Get 30% Credit Back on ALL Credit Purchases

From now to 30 November 2018, all credit purchases will get you 30% worth of credits back. The more you purchase, the more credits you can get!

This applies to credit packages too!

Let us show you how this works:

  • Step 1: Buy any number of Credits you like or pick a Credit Package for maximum savings.
  • Step 2: We will email you a coupon code by 31 December 2018
  • Step 3: Redeem coupon code to receive your credits back

Example: You purchase the US$1,000 Credit Package (that gives you 1120 Credits), we will email you a 300 credits coupon code to download US$300 worth of Elements within 1 year.
Total Credits you will receive: 1120 Credits + 300 credits.

The clock is ticking. Enjoy our celebratory deal today!

Terms and Conditions

  • 30% Credit Back on November Credits purchases
  • This campaign promotion is for a limited time only, beginning 6 November 2018 0000h (GMT) till 30 November 2018 2359h (GMT).
  • All Credits purchases made during the campaign time period will qualify for credit back. No minimum spend is required.
  • Multiple purchases can be made by the same user during the entire campaign time period.
  • For purchase of Credit Packages, the credit back is based on the amount spent and not the credits bought.
  • Discount codes/coupons or any other offers cannot be used in conjunction with this campaign.
  • All awarded credit coupon/s will be emailed to the users’ MotionElements account email before 31 December 2018.
  • Credits deposited has a validity of ONE year.