Cinema v1 01 loop

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  • Code:  729130
  • Loopable:  Yes
  • Duration:  15 s
  • Aspect:  16:9
  • Alpha / Matte:  No

Cinema Interior 3D render - lights dim down/up - seamless loop

Canvas is 2.39 cinema aspect ratio - green screen.

You can use your custom footage replacing the green area by using chroma key or simply mask it around.

In this version seats not getting light effects from the canvas and super easy-to-use them.For even more realism with light effects on seats, check these versions below (a bit deeper knowledge on compositing required but still easy-to-use, short guide included).

[b]2.39 Cinematic aspect :[/b]

[link]/stock-footage/10749131 [item]10749131 icon[/item][/link] [link]/stock-footage/10749133 [item]10749133 icon[/item][/link] [link]/stock-footage/10749135 [item]10749135 icon[/item][/link]

[b]16:9 common HD aspect ratio :[/b]

[link]/stock-footage/10749285 [item]10749285 icon[/item][/link] [link]/stock-footage/10749291 [item]10749291 icon[/item][/link] [link]/stock-footage/10749297 [item]10749297 icon[/item][/link]


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