Cinema v3 16 9 01 loop

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  • Code:  729136
  • Loopable:  Yes
  • Duration:  15 s
  • Aspect:  16:9
  • Alpha / Matte:  No

Cinema Interior 3D render - lights dim down/up - seamless loop

Canvas is 16:9 common HD cinema aspect ratio - green screen.

You can use your custom footage replacing the green area by using chroma key.

In this version seats not getting light effects from the canvas and super easy-to-use them.For even more realism with light effects on seats, check these versions below (a bit deeper knowledge on compositing required but still easy-to-use, short guide included).

[b]16:9 common HD aspect ratio :[/b]

[link]/stock-footage/10749285 [item]10749285 icon[/item][/link] [link]/stock-footage/10749291 [item]10749291 icon[/item][/link] [link]/stock-footage/10749297 [item]10749297 icon[/item][/link]

[b]2.39 Cinematic aspect :[/b]

[link]/stock-footage/10749131 [item]10749131 icon[/item][/link] [link]/stock-footage/10749133 [item]10749133 icon[/item][/link] [link]/stock-footage/10749135 [item]10749135 icon[/item][/link]


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