Underscore for Sprightly Live Infomercials - Breathtaking…

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This charged yet polished music bed is an inspired rock ballad. It has a contemporary full sound featuring powerful electric guitar solo. Instrumentation incorporates acoustic rhythm guitar, electric bass and drums with powerful distorted electric guitar. It's a slow tempo at 72 bpm track in the key of Bb major, and the arrangement structure is 4 bar intro with a 32 bar chorus starting bar 5 ending at bar 36 with no repeats. The chiefly electric incidental underscore in a sad mood, is right for projects in need of incidental background music composed with medium energy. Thank you for listening and purchasing.


This element is Performing Rights Organization (P.R.O.) registered.

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  • Code:  11218065
  • Edit Type:  Bed, Full Track, Instrumental, Underscore
  • Loopable:  No
  • Duration:  02:13
  • Composer:  Background_Music (KODA - IPI/CAE#: 231577673)
  • Publisher:  Background_Music (KODA - IPI/CAE#: 231577673)
  • License:  Royalty-Free
  • Available for Musical Works: No
  • Format: WAVE
  • File Size: 22.4 MB
  • Codec: PCM (Uncompressed)
  • Bit Depth: 16-bit
  • Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
  • Audio Channels: 2