You Can Do It: provocative, sarcastic, poignant (2:14)

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A provocative instrumental theme in the genre of dance electronica, driven by punchy syncopated rhythmic patters and fat acid bass lines, enriched with a lively staccato synthesizer solo and poignant, cheek-in-tongue rap vocals; excellent for visual scenarios where high energy, bodily and spiritual excitement, and technological innovation come together to create an atmosphere of pleasant challenge; reminiscent of James Bond; includes the following lyrics: “use your brain; man, is it true; I guess, you can do it; I mean, do it like we do; hey y’all, use your brain, man; handle it with IQ; I mean, I guess, you can do it, too; I mean, do it like we do!”


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  • Code:  4094889
  • Loopable:  No
  • Duration:  134 s
  • Tempo:  120 BPM
  • Musical Key:  D Minor
  • Composer:  LATGA-A (LATGA-A - IPI/CAE#: 266 69 45 20)
    (LATGA-A - IPI/CAE#: 266 69 45 20)
  • Publisher:  LATGA-A – IPI Code: 266 69 45 20
    LATGA-A (LATGA-A - IPI/CAE#: 266 69 45 20)
  • License:  Royalty-Free
  • Format: WAVE
  • File Size: 24.5 MB
  • Codec: PCM (Uncompressed)
  • Bit Depth: 16-bit
  • Sample Rate: 48 kHz
  • Audio Channels: 2



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