NAB Show Review | Experts Sessions

In collaboration with AE User Group Japan, MotionElements is proud to present to you the exclusive coverage of the 18th AE Study, held in Tokyo on 27th Apr 2016.

This seminar covered the latest Adobe Creative Cloud updates from NAB2016 and includes reviews, tips and tricks from Japan's top VFX creators.

All video recordings of the seminar are free to watch after registration/login.

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Webinars Introduction

NAB Show 2016 Review by Japanese VFX Experts

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  • Japanese VFX experts review the latest technologies unveiled at the recent NAB Show 2016 in Las Vegas, including the latest tools and updates for 8K, VR, 360º video and the new Lytro camera!

Creating Virtual Reality (VR) in AE & Using

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  • Virtual Reality is all the rage as a buzzword right now. But how is a 360º video made? Founder and Director of Composition Inc, Tatsuro Ogata, introduces the process of stitching together different views to make a seamless virtual landscape.

Guest Speaker

  • Tatsuro Ogata 緒方達郎 COMPOSITION INC img:profile

Storyboard Animatics and an Intro to Mocha

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  • Storyboarding has evolved from its humble pen-and-paper origins. Producer/Director Kazuya Hayashi shows how by using Creative Cloud tools, you can now bring your sketches to life and better visualise your end product. He also gives some tips on how to use the powerful Planner Tracker and Uber-key functions with Mocha in After Effects to better enhance your projects.

Guest Speaker

  • Kazuya Hayashi 林和哉 PRODUCER/DIRECTOR img:profile

How to Create Blockbuster Effects

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  • Motion Graphics/VFX Artist Takayuki Sato has worked on recent Hollywood projects such as Iron Man 2, Total Recall, GI Joe, Thor, Battleship and Arthur. Here he guides us through the process of creating one of his most well-known graphic effects from his viral short film, The Moment of Beauty.

Guest Speaker

  • Takayuki Sato 佐藤隆之 MOTION GRAPHICS / VFX ARTIST img:profile

The Endless Possibilities of “Particular” in AE

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  • Artist BaKaAfter is famous for creating beautiful motion graphics in After Effects, from stunning lightshows to music videos. He explains his thought process of creating some of his recent works, all of which were made using 'Particular' in After Effects.

Guest Speaker

  • BaKaAfter バカアフター BAAAF.COM img:profile

Guest Speakers

Yoshihiro Enatsu 江夏由洋 MARIMO RECORDS img:profile

Tatsuro Ogata 緒方達郎 COMPOSITION INC img:profile

Takayuki Sato 佐藤隆之 MOTION GRAPHICS / VFX ARTIST img:profile

Kazuya Hayashi 林和哉 PRODUCER/DIRECTOR img:profile

BaKaAfter バカアフター BAAAF.COM img:profile