We are happy to announce that MotionElements Motion Templates now comes with”Editable in Final Cut Pro X” label.

"Editable in Final Cut Pro X" New Label

The editors amongst you, probably know that Final Cut Pro X and Apple Motion Templates are Compatible, but only some are set as “editable.” We have made it easier for you to identify which templates are truly editable in Final Cut Pro X.

MotionElements has a range of Motion templates from different categories including 3D elements, action & high energy, business, festivals & events, infographics, intros & openers, logos and so on.

With our Motion Templates, you can save precious time as you edit in Final Cut Pro X, adding on easily to your video project more effects, titles, transitions, and generators to give it that extra boost!

Here are some information on the compatibility between Final Cut Pro X and Motion Templates, and how you can identify easily our editable Motion Templates now with our newly added “Editable” button.


Yes, Motion Template is compatible with Final Cut Pro X

Point 1. All Motion Templates can be used in Final Cut Pro X.

Point 2. Not all Motion Templates can be opened as editable templates in Final Cut Pro X. It’s not the issue of software version of Motion Templates.

For Motion Templates to be editable, artists will need to set parameters in Motion to “publish”. It can be any set of parameters.

For more information please visit:


So, how do we start using our Motion Templates in Final Cut Pro X?

Steps to use Motion Templates in Final Cut Pro X

  1. Place project file under: {user} > Movies > Motion Templates > Generators (It can also be dropped into Titles or Transitions depending on type of the template)"Editable in Final Cut Pro X" New Label
  2. Restart FCPX
  3. The templates will automatically show up under Titles and Generators > Generators > Custom"Editable in Final Cut Pro X" New Label
  4. After creating a Project, each of these can then be dragged and dropped into the Project Timeline.
  5. To publish, you need to set parameters in Motion. It can be any set of parameters."Editable in Final Cut Pro X" New Label


Examples of Motion Templates with Final Cut Pro X

Compatible and Editable Template

Motion Template Editable for FCPX

Compatible but Non-Editable Template

Motion Template Non-Editable for FCPX

To identify the editability of a Motion Template on MotionElements, simply click in the Motion Template individual product page and look for this icon:

Motion Template Editable in FCPX

Or you can visit our curated collection of editable templates here.

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